Gourmet restaurant «Amvrossia»

The "Amvrossia" restaurant situated in the hotel's patio is a feast of colours under the starry sky.

The menu is prepared by a top chef using pure ingredients and fresh products sourced from Mount Olympus and the Aegean Sea. The restaurant also boasts a carefully selected wine list with an exquisite range of Greek and foreign wines.

Tastes from the Mediterranean

At the ROYAL PALACE Hotel & SPA, you will embark on a culinary journey to the Mediterranean, savouring traditional and modern tastes, Greek and international cuisine. Our restaurants offer a menu that will meet the most demanding requirements. Our chef, Mr. Elias Tsikrikis, makes bold taste combinations using only fresh and pure ingredients from Greece.

All the ingredients are sourced from local producers on Mount Olympus and from the Aegean Sea. Products are strictly selected for their quality and traditional production – just like in the good old days… The hotel’s two restaurants offer a wide selection of fish, meat, vegetable and pasta dishes.

We also prepare special menus upon request.